The D&A; Difference: Respecting our clients’ trust!
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The D&A; difference is our total commitment to quality and the hands-on management of our clients’ trust. Since 1992, Don D’Andrea has continued to evolve a search methodology that’s worthy of and respectful of each client’s trust. We’re focused, we’re hands-on, and we have chosen to remain a smaller firm...because we are committed to the excellence and results our clients retain us to deliver.

D&A;’s search methodology is also a commitment to its clients. We encourage prospective clients to consider our commitments whenever comparing D&A;’s services to the services of other recruiting firms.


Target companies

Prior to beginning the candidate research, we research and organize, with clients’ involvement, a thorough list of target companies. For each target company, we identify appropriate product groups, technologies, site locations, contact information, etc. We offer clients an opportunity to customize and prioritize the target company list to best meet their needs and the success of the search. There are no surprises!


Candidate research

We are well known for high quality and accurate research.

We provide candidate research (name, title, company, work phone number) well in excess of the 60 candidates we contact, recruit and profile for each search. It’s routine for us to research up to 100 or more candidates per search.

We confirm the spelling of candidates’ names and their telephone contact numbers. Also, we go to great lengths to assure correct job titles.

As soon as the candidate research is completed, we provide the research to clients for their review. Clients receive a database report containing 100% of the candidates we researched, and our research becomes the clients’ property.

Following their review of the research, clients may ask us not to contact specific candidates, and/or clients may ask us to prioritize specific candidates for immediate contact and profiling.

Our clients always know, in advance, exactly which candidates and companies we will contact. There are no surprises!


Recruiting presentations

We are known for working with our clients to create informative, motivating, and compelling recruiting presentations. Many clients have adopted our presentations for use by their internal recruiting staffs!

The presentations contain a wealth of information for candidates:
  • Client history, headcount, location, stock symbol, www address
  • Product line information
  • Client financial information
  • Job specs
  • Client and job selling points
  • Compensation package (base salary, bonuses, commissions, stock options, benefits, etc.)
Before we begin contacting and profiling candidates, clients have an opportunity to review and customize their recruiting presentations (which also include standard and skill specific qualifying questions). There are no surprises for clients regarding the message we convey to their candidates!

The bottom line is that we are well prepared and motivated to talk to candidates. We communicate the compelling aspects of clients’ opportunities, and we motivate and persuade qualified candidates to be open to these opportunities.


Candidate profiles

Our profiles set new standards for thoroughness, accuracy, ease of reading, and consistency of format and content. The goal is to simplify the candidate review process for clients, and thus we have standardized profile content, format and style.

All profiles are edited by Don D’Andrea prior to being e-mailed to clients at the end of each day. Candidate profiles are D&A;’s end product, and we believe there’s no room for errors, omissions or delayed receipt by clients.

Our profiles capture information typically contained in a resume, as well as other valuable insights, and clients may rely upon the profiles when making their all important first contact with candidates. The profiles provide clients with an alternative to coping with an infinite number of resume formats and inconsistent resume content.

Whenever candidates e-mail their resumes to us, we forward their resumes to clients.

Prior to beginning a search, new clients may request sample profiles for review. We believe our clients are the best judges of profile quality.

We do not submit profiles of incorrect candidates, nor do we count incorrect candidates in the committed profile total.

Following their contact of "Open" candidates, we encourage clients to contact the best and most opportune of the "Not Open" candidates. Also, we offer our assistance to clients to help convert "Not Open" candidates to "Open" and potentially hirable candidates. Many of our clients have hired initially "Not Open" candidates.

Clients have an opportunity to make multiple hires per search based upon the research list and/or the profile flow. Also, clients may apply candidates to any of their other open positions. No additional compensation is ever due to D&A; for multiple hires per search, regardless of which positions a client may fill with D&A;’s research or profile flow.


End of project reports

Upon completing the e-mailed profile flow for a project, we provide clients with a D&A; folder containing original hard copies of all profiles, plus a hard copy database report listing each profiled candidate (name, title, company, phone number, and “Open” or “Not Open” status). Clients have found these hard copies to be valuable backups for their physical files.

The D&A; difference: It makes a big difference for our clients!


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