Our Focus and Some Benchmarks

Our front-end focus is on candidate research plus initial candidate contact and development. Candidate development includes candidate screening, qualifying, selling, and individual candidate profile development.

We begin with documenting the job specifications, confirming appropriate target companies, and determining the cost of the search.

Pricing can be customized in terms of the scope of the search, including the number of target companies, the number of positions, and the number of candidates to be developed. Search configuration and pricing remain flexible, as necessary, to meet our clients' needs. Searches are typically priced from $13.5K to $15K.

The initial two to three weeks (approximately) is dedicated to research. During the next two to three weeks, which is dedicated to candidate screening and profile development, our clients receive daily emails of candidate profiles.

A typical search will involve researching approximately 75-100 candidates, and contacting and profiling approximately 60 of those candidates. More extensive searches may require researching 100+ candidates, and contacting and profiling more than 60 of those candidates. Depending upon the search, typically about 20% to 25% (and frequently more) of the contacted candidates are open to our clients' follow-up contact for the purpose of further screening, interviewing, selling, and final closing.

Upon completion of the search, our clients receive original hard copies of all submitted profiles and a complete database report for their search. The database report consists of all candidate names, companies, titles, phone numbers and the status of each candidate's interest in our clients' opportunities. This information may be used for future recruiting, and clients may make as many current or future hires as possible at no added expense.

D&A; submits a net 30 days invoice at the beginning of the search. Most searches are typically 75% or more completed by the end of 30 days. By the time payment is actually received, our involvement is usually completed, or near completion.


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